R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

February 22, 2019

R Kelly


Legendary R and B singer Robert Kelly in trouble again for mulptiple counts of sexual abuse against grown women this time not just a under aged girl he having sex with in a porno video for the world to see. The question everyone want to know is why just him what about all the white men who have been sexually abusing women for way longer, and still geting away with it, its clear America still have a bias opinion when it come to black males in this country it is a double standard that if your African American your always treated unfair, demonized in fake news by dishonest jornalists, and considered guilty until proven innocent black men wake up your not crayons , it is only one race the human race please start to fight back discrimination been going on to long yall must stop the opppressor who hate yall like the Law Enforcement Agencies, Police Unions, The U.S Congress, and The United Nations who allow and support these evil demons who think its cute to bully, rape, racially profile, target, murder, detain, imprison, and systemize African American people for a salary and for fun must stop.