February 14, 2019

Wild Child LLC rap recording artist's Fellon Phelps,Keedoe,Topcino,Slim Gualla,King j,The Magician,Benji 216, and Bali Man all have 2019 music releases coming soon stay tuned.Sign up with your email address to get updated information on all live music events,plus recorded music releases on the Latest urban news.Old school rap group Bone Thugs n Harmony jealous of new school rap group Migos.Machine Gun Kelly a snitch.Jay Z and Meek mill expand Reform.Eminem the greatest rapper of alltime.Police abuse of black males rising to an all time high in the U.S and U.K.The U.S Government shutdown.How CNN,FOX,ABC,NBC,HLN,CBS,WKYC,PBS, and ESPN all pay journalists to create then promote fake news to brainwash the minds of the world.How more white males get away with killing black men and raping black women wile blacks continue to get wrongfully sentenced.Please dont't forget to subscribe above for more news we have daily updates.