November 1, 2019


Cleveland Ohio native recording artist Fellon Phelps 2019 music releases We Not Cool, Gmail, and Whatever are all on sale now on ITunes, Amazon, and King of Ohio Part 2 is set to be released January,1, 2020 and people when I say this song is fire please believe me you will be impressed no other rappers this street, and lyrical at the same time, plus I can't forget sexual accourse all my sexy ladies y'all get ready to finger yourselves and masturbate to this song this is it. Fellon Phelps shared with us his passion for licking pussy, ladies riding him like a horse, and sucking breast. He also exposed how Cleveland, Ohio radio stations blackball local hard working recording artist's, and local children who hard working just trying to break records and tell thier story to the world. (Bianca) ask Fellon Phelps why he thinks Cleveland Ohio Hip Hop entertainers haven't ran the music business like Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta.(Fellon Phelps) replies because to much jealousy people jealous when you have done or doing something positive better then them or someone they know who failed they don't support you they all want you to fail to like they did, Fellon says he don't socialize with to many people anymore everyone is phony, and selfish his only focus is making one million dollars one thousand times he stated I'll let everyone else try to be the best rapper, most gangster, and richest all he want is what he came for nothing more nothin less. Follow Fellon Phelps on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat on @fellonphelps216